SUPA-AIR piston compressors are mostly aimed at DIY, professional and industrial markets offering plug and play air solutions with a quality label that are always available and ready to use! Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a dependable, cost-effective product which caters to their needs and perfectly matches their application. abac line 1

Presenting the SUPA-AIR Line Series: Belt Driven 1 Stage Piston Compressor!

SUPA-AIR Belt driven technology developed for simple but reliable operation. Your workshop deserves professional equipment. These compressors are suitable for many short to moredemanding tasks ranging from ratcheting to small hammering, and from painting tow renching.

Primary Applications

Key Benefits

Inflating Stable and Strong Balance
Professional Blowing Large and easy to operate drain valves
Washing Durable outlet for dual operation
Screwing Easy oil check and refilling
Professional Gravity Painting Belt guard improving air cooling
Nailing and Stapling Cast Iron Cylinder
Air Brushing Slow speed pump design reduces temperature
Impact Wrenching  
Light Hammering  


abac pro

SUPA-AIR Pro Belt Driven 2 Stage Piston Compressor

SUPA-AIR pro belt drive 2 stage piston compressor offers double compression which means bigger air flows and higher pressure. This is because in two stage compressors, the air is compressed twice. This SUPA-AIR range has highly reliable components and is seen as proven technology. Not only is it durable but has been designed to offer the user comfort. As these compressors are providing bigger airflows and they are achieving higher operating pressures, they are more suitable for professional and semi-industrial applications.


  • Grinding
  • Wrenching
  • Professional painting
  • Sanding

Please Note the pictures shown on this web page are for display purposes only and may differ slightly from the actual product. Enquire for more details.


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