cp1000 1200Portable Compressor: CPS 1000-1200

The compressor is twostage, oil-injected screw compressor, built for a nominal effective working pressure of 20.7 bar (300 psi) for CPS 1100-300, 19 bar (275 psi) for CPS 1000-275 and 23 bar (330 psi) for CPS 1200-330 








Portable Compressor: Large Compact Range

When you need portable jobsite power, you can count on CP compressors. Every model in the line shares the same dependable design and smart features to enhance productivity. These units are an excellent partner for pneumatic tools such as rock drills, breakers, air guns, wrenches, dewatering pumps and abrasive blasting equipment. They can also provide backup power on the jobsite during power cuts and electrical failures.




CPS90 cps375

Portable Compressor: CPS 9-CPS 375

From residential and commercial construction to demolition and road maintenance, these compressors deliver the power and durability you need for day-to-day construction jobs.




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